What are the names of the new Animatronics from Sister Location?

FNaF Sister Location is a horror game with the appearance of many new characters. What are the names of these animatronic robots from this amazing game?

After Scott Cawthon copyrighted the names of animatronics for FNaF Sister Location, this information was leaked. People thought that he would be unhappy. But he didn’t do that. Even, he said that “No worries guys. 😉 The characters needed to be copyrighted, and I knew this would get out. Have fun speculating! Ha ha!”. He was completely fine with this issue. Maybe he was ready to accept the fact that the names of FNaF SL animatronics leaked. If you want, you can take a look at the table below:

# Name Date
01 Baby 2016
02 Balora 2016
03 Bidybab 2016
04 Ennard 2016
05 Foxy the Pirate (Funtime Version) 2016
06 Freddy Fazbear (Funtime Version) 2016
07 Minireena 2016
08 Spring Bonnie (Adventure Version) 2015
09 Springtrap 2015
10 Springtrap (Adventure Version) 2015

In this list, Spring Bonnie (Adventure Version), Springtrap, and Springtrap (Adventure Version) had been present in FNaF World and FNAF 3. This means that those characters can not be in Sister Location.