How To Survive in Five Nights At Freddy’s

Let’s read the latest FNAF guide and master how to survive in Five Nights At Freddy’s game for free! Also, you can learn more about animatronics, tools, the best strategies, and more valuable experiences.


There are four animatronics robots in the first FNAF game consisting of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate.

Freddy Fazbear

How To Survive in Five Nights At Freddy's

Freddy is an animatronic bear. Unlike Bonnie and Chica, he doesn’t often move from this spot. On Night 4, he is the most aggressive character. He will run inside the office room and attack you randomly instead of appearing at the doorway. Try your best to close the door as fast as possible once you detect him standing in one of the hallways which leading to the own room. When he leaves, you can open the door. This is Freddy’s moving plan: Show Stage – Dining Area – Restrooms – Kitchen – East Hall – East Hall Corner. When he is present in the kitchen, a song will be played. He will lurk in the dark areas of the room that he takes over. You will only see eyes of this animatronics. It means that Freddy is hiding and avoiding cameras resulting in you can’t find him easily. Especially, Freddy will not appear when there is another animatronics in the same room. Tracking Freddy from the security cameras will make him move slower. If you hear laughter, you should know that he has started working. Remember to note that!


How To Survive in Five Nights At Freddy's

The next character in this FNAF guide is Bonnie. Bonnie is one of the animatronics can wander around rooms of the pizza restaurant first. Bonnie is known due to returning to the office more often than others. But, he doesn’t gumshoe at the door for a long time as Chica. Bonnie is possible to approach your room from the left side. On some first nights, he is more active.


Chica works as same as Bonnie. But, she only enters from the right side of the office. On nights from 2 to 5, she will become more aggressive. Chica also stands at the door longer than other animatronics.


How To Survive in Five Nights At Freddy's

Foxy the Pirate is a unique animatronic robot in FANF. Foxy will not roam around the restaurant like his friends. His movement pattern is set completely. He will begin at Pirate Cove. When he is uncontrolled because he feels annoyed due to not being watched through the cameras, he will suddenly run toward the office to kill you. To defend yourself against Foxy, you should check the door lights. He can hide somewhere behind the curtain in Pirate Cove throughout this FNAF game. Besides, you need to keep track this place by supervising the camera. There are three stages for Foxy. They are:

  • In the first stage, Foxy will look at you via cameras from the curtain.
  • In the next stage, he will leave that and stand in front of the camera. You are able to see him with his glowing eyes, outline, and his hung-open jaws.
  • In the third stage, he leaves the Pirate Cove entirely. Then, he starts to sprint to the office. When monitoring the West Hall on Cam-2A, you will recognize Foxy is running towards the security room fast. Close the door!


The camera viewer

This tool plays a crucial role in FNAF game. You can keep track the evil animatronics. What you are possible to do with this camera viewer include:

  • Check Pirate Cove and Foxy. Don’t do that too frequently! Don’t check on Pirate Cove so little often! If not, Foxy will be angry and attack you.
  • Always check the hallways to avoid Freddy and other animatronic robots! This action is the most important step to help you survive.

The door lights

The door lights are very necessary for this awesome FNAF game. When you explore there is not any movement of a specific animatronic on camera, you should prepare to use the door lights. In case you see the enemy in the doorway, shut the door instantly. Though, you only open it when they move away. Look at the camera viewer or press the door light button to check if they are gone. If you still see their shadows, be patient! The power is not unlimited. Save them as much as possible! NEVER come back to the camera viewer when one of the animatronics is in the doorway. When you put the camera down, they will come into view and scream at your face. And the game will end.

How to use them without wasting lots of power

Click once to boot the door light. Click again to deactivate them. Do not leave them running! This will consume the power a lot.

The doors

Doors can prevent the enemy animatronics from invading the office. This also consumes a lot of power.


This is the basic FNAF survive guide for you to win the challenge:

  • Always check hallway cameras!
  • Check Pirate Cove every time you use the camera viewer!
  • Close the door if Freddy is in one of the hallways, open it when he gives up!
  • Shut the door if an animatronic is in the doorway, open it when they actually leave!
  • Press the door lights very often!
  • Don’t watch the camera viewer too long!
  • Listen to footsteps outside your hallway!

Things to remember

To play FNAF game better, you should read this FNAF guide right now!

  • Bonnie and Foxy will come and stand next to the left doorway while Freddy and Chica appear in the right doorway
  • When you see Freddy in one of your hallways, close the door
  • Foxy will not wander around
  • Check cameras and hit the door lights
  • Check Pirate Cove at least once every 1-3 times by looking at your camera viewer

How to have the best experience

With this FNAF guide, you will not have to worry about how to get the best experience when playing this FNAF game.

  • Deactivate all lights in the room, house, or anything near you
  • Have a fan blasting you to simulate the fan in this FNAF game
  • Play only at night at 12:00 AM!!!

Good luck!