FNaF Sister Location Story

Sister Location Story

Let’s dig deeper secrets of the interesting FNaF Sister Location Story and research further of the area where FNaF Sister Location takes place and much more!

The biggest feature of the following trailer about FNaF Sister Location game is the underground location. This is a new establishment in which you will feel that there is not any friendly atmosphere for kids. Here, everything looks dark, scary, and chilling.

Thus, there are many theories that this Sister Location Story will be located in a factory where these characters are made. In the early portions of the trailer, it shows you the four animatronic characters which are visually assembled.

All of them having the paint making them look like clowns of a circus. They even have a ringleader named Baby which requests customers to “stay in their seats.” Perhaps, there is an operator controlling them from beneath the stage. But, they can act up during nights.

According to the trailer, you can know that this new FNaF game will express their anger and memories. Baby also states that “you don’t know what we’ve been through.”

Not only that, you can see many souls of lost children inhabiting in these suits. We don’t know the real reason why they are present there. maybe, they suffered a terrible incident which is similar to the previous four games. Or, this can come from another cause. And, we hope and expect a series of minigames to unravel this secret.