Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location: A New Forthcoming Horror Game.

Are you ready to check out another horror adventure game created by Scott Cawthon? Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location will be the next installment of the father of FNaF games and promises to give you more challenges, more missions, as well as new features. The game is set to be launched in October 2016, which was already confirmed by Scott Cawthon. Let’s take a look at information about Sister Location now!

Gameplay of Sister Location


Needless to say, most of the players will pay attention to a little detail in the trailer, and that is called “underground” spot. In the picture above, it’s believed that the players need to change to the location to stay alive and keep themselves secure from the group of animatronics. There is a big fan room with a control pad there. Perhaps, the players have to move through it.

In addition, in the trailer, the players can partly catch sight of the walls, a mirror, and a red button. That means the game can have something relating to sound, and maybe doors that can be run through the button.

The in-game Story

It can be said that the game has no good and friendly atmosphere for the kid. Unlike the tile floor and the Five Nights At Freddy’s poster, in this Sister Location, it is kind of gray, dark and obscure. Therefore, there were so many game theories saying that Sister Location could take place in the factory where all the animatronics are created.

However, there is another possible theory saying that the game can take place in an animatronic circus show, all spectators can see those animatronics by the trapdoor. You may notice that all principal characters of the game are colored like the clowns, and the leader Baby already said to the spectators “stay in their seats”. This could be someone trying to direct them, and they act like that throughout the night.

About the narrative of Sister Location, there’s no way all players could hear clearly from the trailer. The trailer only alludes to anger and memories, along with an obscure sentence said by Baby “you don’t know what we’ve been through”. This could be a mystery of the game and players have to unravel it. Who knows if there will be new ghosts or spirits from another event or still the same ones from other former games? Time will answer!

In-game Characters

The Sister Location will feature a bunch of animatronics and they are already called Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Baby, and Ballora. Foxy and Freddy are in pink color, the Baby may become their powerful leader and Ballora is a creepy ballerina.

The players should learn that those animatronics are equipped with five fingers, complete faces, and even the speakers placed on their chests. Maybe in this installment, the animatronics can talk to each other. In addition, you can figure out that Ballora has sharp teeth, and seemingly, Funtime Freddy is keeping a Bonnie puppet in his hand.

The first trailer of Sister Location

Scott Cawthon had uploaded the first trailer of this new installment long time ago, which caused so many players to be more inquisitive about the game, story, characters, and other features. Possibly speaking, the game promises to bring new creepy challenges to all players and it’s highly anticipated to become the great successor of FNaF games. The trailer already brought something obsessed and terrible to the players, especially the reflections of many animatronics. As you can see in the trailer, fears always come with you throughout the game, and there is a mystery that you need to find out. Additionally, the player can see an image below showing a creepy face of an animatronic, with a horrible sentence “There is a little me in every body”