Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 Strategy Guide

FNAF 4 is the fourth installment created by Scott. The strategy FNAF guide will give you effective tips to overcome nights, defend against evil animatronics, survive and complete the mission. Here is the full list of nights that you will undergo. We will start to learn about the guide with the first night. Enjoy it!

Night 1

Night 1is an exciting challenge. Unlike FNAF games that you have ever experienced, you will not receive any slow introduction when you start to play FNAF 4 game. Every control key is displayed clearly on the screen. In Night 1, Bonnie is the most aggressive character. Nevertheless, he will only appear later. The first thing you need to do is to master all of the controls which are useful to close the door or the closet and check around or turn the flashlight. Besides, you have to keep an eye on Freddels behind you. But, you can miss the closet on Night 1. You’d better track Bonnie’s door (left door), then Chica’s door (right door), and watch your back for Freddels.

Nights 2-4

From night 2-4, you will occasionally detect Foxy in Bonnie’s door. The wardrobe moves once he enters the room. How to deal with this animatronics? According to this interesting FNAF Guide, check Bonnie’s door, Chica’s door, Freddels, and this closet. Meanwhile, Foxy can turn into the plushie. For other enemies, wait for 3 or 4 seconds before you close the door or activate the flashlight. Aside from that, the breath is also very important. Don’t ignore the Freddels!

Night 5

In Night 5 of FNAF 4, Fredbear becomes insane. He can kill you instantly when he sees you. In the first time that you face him, turn on the flashlight and close the door, listen to footsteps. If you hear two sets of footsteps, you should know that he is trolling you. If you hear footsteps along with laughter, you can see him on your bed or in the closet where you use the same strategy as you do for Foxy.

Night 6

Night 6 will be another challenge in which you have to strive to survive until 6 AM. So, prepare for everything that you can encounter in this amazing night. From 12 to 4 AM, you will meet many animatronic robots such as Bonnie, Chica, Freddels, and Foxy which coming from other FNAF games. Check every direction, especially, the closet because Foxy will come out from that. Get Foxy down to his second or third phase so that you can stay alive. At 4 AM, Fredbear will visit you. Use the old technique as Night 6 to cope with him.

Night 7

Night 7 is similar to Night 6. But, it is more difficult for you to beat. Nightmare will replace Fredbears’s position. You’d better keep calm and choose the right button to ward off him when he appears at the doors and in front of your face. Don’t get scared and panic or you can’t solve anything! Do as Night 6 and you need to act quickly and exactly to get rid of every danger. Good luck!

Night 8

Congratulations! You have completed seven tough nights of this awesome FNAF 4 game successfully. In Night 8, you need to get more guides to continue your journey. You will play as same as Night 7. But, you are recommended to escape all of the outside attractions and concentrate on your mission your way.

Night 9

You should check your back and the closet where something will hide inside when you playing FNAF 4. And, try to maintain this activity until 6 AM. Then, nothing bad can happen to you.

Good luck!