Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Meet the animatronics

Read the latest news of FNAF 3 by Scott and meet the main animatronics of Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 which have ever appeared in previous entries right now!

Meet the animatronics

The first character that we will mention is Springtrap.


Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronics

He is an animatronic robot looking like a rabbit. In the third FNAF game, he is the main and real antagonist. Therefore, we can say that he is the only animatronic can kill you and put an end to your night. According to the Phone Guy, Springtrap will be found on Night 2. If you finish this night, you can unravel the mystery related to the reason why he doesn’t appear in Night 1. Aside from this, a teaser of Scott also reveals his image which is placed next to the text saying “I am still here”. It means that he has been in the two first FNAF games. But where can you see him? There are many theories supposing that he was in the kitchen of FNAF 1 and behind one of the balloons in the Prize Corner of FNAF 2. In the final minigame, he is assumed in Fredbear’s Family Diner. Besides, the Purple guy is the man who is stuffed into Springtrap.

Phantom Freddy

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronics

Phantom Freddy is a male animatronic bear in FNAF 3. People believed that he is the same character in the Parts/Service room in FNAF 2. If you take a look at the image above, you can realize that his ear and wires from the eye are lost. However, there are some opinions said that this is Golden Freddy. He is known when moving through the hallway at a very slow speed. To stop this animatronics, you should open up the rebooting menu or the camera. In another way, you don’t try to look at him. This will increase the ability that he could become Phantom Freddy in FNAF 2. Why did this happen? When you look at him too long, he will crash your game. In FNAF 3, if you do the same so, he will jumpscare you. Thus, you should reboot the system in time. Similar to all of the animatronic robots except for phantom Chica and Springtrap, this is the Freddy model from FNAF 2.

Phantom Foxy

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronics

The animatronic private fox has come back in FNAF 3. He is an animatronic fox which owns deadly jumpscares. If you stare at the cameras too long, he will attack you. Phantom Foxy lacks a part of his right arm, which is his hook arm. The hook is found in the toy animatronics parts box. It may be the reason why he always stands next to the box when he gets ready to jumpscare you. Perhaps, he wants to take back his lost hook. People suggested that you’d better avoid looking at the cameras for a long time or you will be jumpscared. To beat Phantom Foxy, you need to slowly look to the left side of the office. If you detect him staying there, you must quickly change the direction to the right of the room and put up the monitor. When you put it down, you are safe unless there is someone else.

Phantom Chica

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronics

She is an animatronic chicken. Phantom Chica is burnt and damaged a lot so that you are hard to recognize her. When Phantom Chica is present on the screen of CAM 07, you are toast. You may want to keep away from this scary phantom. Unlike Springtrap, she is the single animatronic owning a newer model. The model is an FNAF 1 model. Thus, it is pretty surprising when she is seriously burnt.

Phantom BB

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronics

This phantom is a humanoid animatronic. He is also the unique humanoid animatronic existing in FNAF 3. He is one of two characters which are the most severe burnt. This phantom will not disable cameras or your rebooting menu. Actually, he can make a jumpscare in this time. To defeat Phantom BB, you can refer the video of Smike, a YouTuber and FNAF fanatic. He will show you how to put the camera back down. If you follow that pattern, you can win.

Phantom Marionette

Marionette returns in this amazing FNAF game. But, he is now a phantom. You don’t need ti wind up the music box to ward off him. He is regarded as a hallucination. He will not be able to attack you. To meet him, you can quickly look at CAM 09. And you can see a fresh and non-burnt puppet at the end of the hall. When you put the camera down, lights will flash and this puppet can appear in front of your eyes. However, this hallucination will just last for 14 seconds. Next, it will disappear. And you have to reboot a system after that.