Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake [OLD GAME]

Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake

Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake is an older game with the gameplay like Five Nights at Freddy’s. Play the reupload and explore the new location carefully! As the original created by Scott Cawthon, you are able to see unfriendly animatronic characters throughout areas. They are placed in and out of the dark building.

Different from other previous FNaF Gamejolt fangames, you will start off with a robotic player. It’s easy for you to travel around the map! You do not need to supervise security cameras or close the door and save power anymore. Download Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake and you can experience a unique adventure your way for free! Unfortunately, the files for Alpha 2 are lost. However, it is available to hop into Alpha 1! Are you ready to uncover every corner and find your buddies? Just choose wherever you love to head to and remember to finish your quests! Good luck!

Download Sinister: Turmoil Alpha 3