Ultimate Custom Night

About Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night game is also the new Five nights at Freddy’s free download. It is available for all of you to play without paying a penny. Come to the ultimate Fnaf mashup and you will have the great chance to test your skills, especially the survivability. You will start off as a young man who has already gotten a summer part-time job at a restaurant in the local. It is a normal attraction in the daytime. Children and parents often gather here to enjoy food and music. However, everything becomes creepy at night. And, you need to act carefully to defend yourself from animal-shaped machines which behave strangely. Note that they can roam around areas in the building and can attack or kill you while you cannot leave the office. Thus, the main aim that you must complete in the next adventure is to survive as long as possible.

Ultimate Custom Night

To experience Ultimate Custom Night game, it is necessary to decide on robots. They are FNAF all characters coming from seven games. There is a big collection of 50. Therefore, you can mix and match any of them comfortably. Not only that, you are allowed to set up their difficulty level, from 0 to 20. Their aggression will be increased or reduced, depending on what you have chosen. Next, you can open the door and embark on your task. You will be required to keep watch over the location and items via cameras. From the desk that you sit, you can observe moves of scary monsters. Do not ignore two Pirate Cove curtains! Besides, control two side doors, two vents, with two air hoses because they lead the enemy into your room directly. Additionally, it is essential to manage tools like the heater, A/C, a global music box, a power generator, and lay laser traps in the vents. Collect Faz coins to buy stuff from the prize counter.

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More features

Aside from key characteristics, your Five nights at Freddy’s free download game will offer others such as:

  • On the challenge menu, it is easy to find 16 themed quests.
  • In addition to that, you can realize that the voice acting that you have heard are from returning favorites and from new arrivals to the franchise. They contribute to making the atmosphere more interesting.
  • You can use several unlockable skins for your space.
  • There are plenty of unlockable cutscenes.


In order to improve the performance of the Ultimate Custom Night game, versions are being uploaded to GameJolt since glitches are found. For example, first ones contained some troubles with Springtrap and Mangle. Thus, you are recommended to update yours each time something is active to avoid old bugs.

There is a low-detail mode to support with FPS. Unclick the button saying “visual effects” on the character select screen.