It’s free to download and access POPGOES, POPGOES Arcade, and its creator pack! To conquer the new challenge, remember to defend from wicked robotic enemies! Since a year after the fire at Fazbear’s Fright, Fritz a rich inventor in England determined to continue the brand. He does that with a restaurant named The Popgoes Pizzeria. Some animatronic characters are advanced and they will work as friendly employees in the present Fnaf fangame. They are Popgoes the Weasel and Blake the Badger. They can cook and play with kids. However, the owner did not build that location for customers. He built it for himself.

In FNaF POPGOES Gamejolt, you are hired to watch over the place. You are a part of it, alongside robots that often behave strangely at night. Remember to block them from breaking into your office! Otherwise, they will use jumpscares to cause the death of you. Are you willing to start? Good luck!

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