Five Nights at Illuminati

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Five Nights at Illuminati

Download Five Nights at Illuminati, one of the most amazing FNAF games, and embark on a new experience for free right now!

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Welcome back to MLG No Souper Museum! Here, you have a great occasion to challenge your survival skill through a series of terrifying nights. In Five Nights at Illuminati, you are trapped and you have no tool to escape while lots of hidden dangers besieging you, except your calmness and wisdom. At all costs, you must get out of every deadly situation as soon as possible before you are killed by something lurking in the darkness. Try to enable the laser gate and close the vent quickly if you detect someone standing there! Unexpected visitors in this FNAF Games will be the main enemies that you will face. Don’t allow them to approach you and survive!

Made and inspired by the Five Nights at Pingas and One Night at Flumpty’s, Five Nights at Illuminati is the worthy horror game that you should play from this moment. Have fun!