Fazbear’s Simulator

Fazbear’s Simulator Version 2.0.0

Fazbear's Simulator

Fazbear’s Simulator Version 2.0.0 by Scratchy @Scratchy is a fanmade FNaF game. It’s free for you to download and enjoy! Let’s explore the secret that this download includes right now! In FazBea’r Simulator!, you can use and control animatronics to destroy Security Guard. Besides, you can see that animatronic robots will be able to pass the cameras and immerse into a good experience. It means that you will play against these robots as you have ever been in FNAF Games.

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This is the list of animatronic characters will appear in this exciting simulator. They are:

  • Foxy
  • Bonnie
  • Freddy
  • Chica

In which, Foxy will own Night 4, Chica for Night 3, Bonnie for Night 1, and Freedy for Night 7. In nights, you can monitor cameras to keep track every strange movement of the prey to catch him.

Note: Fazbear’s Simulator is not a multiplayer game. It is only a single-player simulator. Do not confuse!

In Fazbear’s Simulator, the guard has 25% A.I.

Credits: Scott Cawthon and Communist-balloons

Inspired: Springtrap 101 by Communist-balloons