Fazbear Horror: Sister Location – Opening Minigame Demo

 Fazbear Horror: Sister Location - Opening Minigame Demo

Download Fazbear Horror: Sister Location the new Fnaf fangame and experience its opening minigame demo for free! Defend from animatronics and survive! You have been hired to manage devices of a dark building. Unfortunately, you are fighting against multiple lurking scary robotic characters. They will use their jumpscares to cause the death of you. To stay alive in the end, you need to block them.

Fazbear Horror: Sister Location is regarded as the new chapter of the Fazbear Horror series. It is inspired by FNaF: Sister Location created by Scott Cawthon. The remake available on Gamejolt will bring back 6 nights, an arcade mode, a custom night, a secret mode and all enemies from the original SL. Play Fazbear Horror: Sister Location Demo you also receive an extras menu and hide a lot of Easter Eggs to explore. Do not forget the mobile port! Embark on your adventure and challenge your capability right now!

Fazbear Horror: Sister Location