Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night

Baldi's Basics in Custom Night

Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night is yet another FNaF fangame you can download for free and play on your computer. If you are a fan of FNAF game and still after many fan creations based on it, you should check out Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night free game now. Featuring up to 19 characters, all new different mechanics, the game will keep you engaged for hours. Plus, you will experience a variety of challenges, mini-games, secrets, and many fun places. Like other custom nights, in this one, you will also customize the difficulty of the animatronics from 0 to 20 before entering the adventure. Your mission is also to fight them off for your survival as you attempt to guard a big building at night, from 12 AM to 6 AM. You must use the equipment and interact with items carefully to fend off the animatronics as they get close to your office. Your big goal is to survive until the end!

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