ALTA’S FRIGHT is a dark FNAF fangame about a horror adventure of a young man. Join his story and help him complete the goal by blocking all animatronics! They are the evil enemies that you are required to prevent. If one of them breaks into your place, you can be killed.

Download FNaF ALTA’S FRIGHT Gamejolt and play an experiment called the VK2 for free! It is possible for you to check out how those robotic characters of XTADIA corps. are working! Alta’s Fright is an exciting game that has earned it the second place of Alta’s Birthday Event. It is actually a dangerous journey where you are forced to deal with and resolve the big puzzle wisely. Otherwise, you will lose instantly. Especially, you must stop the roaming foes before they approach you. Open the building and turn on the security system to start your sci-fi job right now! Good luck!

Alta’s Fright V.1.2.1 huge update